Gimme a Break....

Damn, it's Sunday and I'm so tired... So tired from our practices for our play. I've been going home late for about the past two weeks because of these practices that we're having. In the morning, we attend school (I go to school in the morning, get excused, train for the game, and then leave school at about lunch break to go to the tournament) and then practice in the evening (if the tournament finishes early, then I go back to school and meet my classmates.. but if not, I just try to catch up to them). On weekends, we meet early in the morning and then go home in the evening. Err... all these practices wanted to make me feel so desperate -- so desperate to have a break... have a rest.

*Sigh* ... ... I've got so many things to do and so much to study -- 'coz I have been missing my classes for almost a month now. (Thank God that my chess tournament finished last Thursday -- we were supposed to have thirteen rounds which is about two weeks of chess games... but then, it's a good thing that the arbiters decided to reduce the number of rounds to seven rounds.)

My Blah Bleh Blih for the past few days:

September 21: Practice of Play -- Round 1 in Chess
September 22: Practice of Play
September 23: No meeting; yet have a lot of things to do
September 24: Round 2 in Chess
September 25: Just training in Chess
September 26: Round 4 and 5 in Chess -- this was a bad day because we were about to get a default lose due to someone I would REALLY like to blame...
September 27: Round 6 and 7 in Chess -- we had a bad day (some were pissed off) so we didn't have a practice
September 28: Practice of Play -- also a bad day (I blame SOME people -- I'll be hiding their names but when they read this, I'm sure that they'll recognize themselves...

1. Jason: For not listening to the group about what he should do
2. Kevin Knappor: For telling me that it's a "SURE WIN"
3. Mr. Duvall: For playing... I guess
4. Shane Oman: I blame his mouse...
5. Regina George: For being naive and losing a huge amount of money

September 29: Practice...
September 30: Practice...


I've been very busy for the past four days...
After the I.T. Competition, I had to go on training for my upcoming chess tournaments and practice for our section's play at the same time. I've been coming home late these days that when I reach home, the people were already asleep.

In the morning, I had to go to school and then go on training or practice at night. Damn, it made me experience total hunger, exhaustion, getting all wet because of the rain, and being left by my classmates (this happened twice) alone with my other classmate
[the first time they left me, it's because I was about to be fetched by my boyfriend; and for the second time, I was left with Ayra because we still had to finish our class' script which was 118 pages long (OMFG -- We got the uncut version of Mean Girls). Dammit! They are so unfair. When we have to wait for them, we wait for them. But when it's our turn to be wait for, f***! they just leave us for their f**king reasons.]
-- not to mention, I even had an accident (damn, I loathe that day).

I've been missing my classes for about three weeks already. How the hell am I supposed to cope up with all that? Gee, I'm missing I lot of things. I'm missing school, I'm missing the assignments, I'm missing the days wherein I get pissed because of the teacher, I'm missing the laughter brought up by my classmates, and I'm even missing my boyfriend. *Sigh*

So now it's Sunday, I think I'm sick but I still have a lot of things to do... How I wish I could rest for one whole day; but I guess, I still have to wait for that. If only I could pause the time and rest, or pause the time and then finish everything I have to do... *Sigh...*

Things Come to an End

At last, trainings done... computer contests done...
I got a place... I might not tell what exactly...
Hmmm... though all of us got places, I must say I still feel sorry for our team and to the other schools (except RHS) that competed a while ago.

"It's not the weight
that counts..."

Receiving the award and winning was such a nice feeling especially when u know that you didn't cheat. But the greatest thing in things such as this one, is when you'll see that everything was worth it. The hard problems give n by your trainers during the training -- helped you a lot in your game, and made you better in that certain field. Aside from this, I must say, that the celebration part is also another best part in things like this -- your trainers get to treat the team (depending on the average places we've got.). :)

Movie Marathon

Our class didn't seem to agree on each other regarding our MAPEH stuff... so we had to watch both movies that they were arguing about...
As usual, we end up late; yet we enjoyed our classmates' company.

About to go home late at night, my boyfriend was supposed to fetch me and... blah3x (long story). Here's the highlight of what happened to me: I had an accident -- twice!

Sheez, tomorrow's the big day... and I don't know if I'm sick or what. *sighs*

Reduce the Pressure...

Gee, tomorrow is our big day... to lessen the pressure, our trainers allowed us to install some games on our computer terminals in school...

Picture Picture!!!

My Workspace

"Some" books we used...

Sir Raffy Playing DOTA at my Terminal

Me -- Resting
(Photo taken by Lhizette using my cp)


Quite a long story so I'll just summarize it...

  • We went to Ayra's house last night
  • Met her cute puppy

  • Watched a movie for our MAPEH play
  • Made some scripts
  • Discussed stuff for our class
  • Discussed more stuff about our play

*The others were by the computer that's why there were only four of us in this picture*
  • Ended up going home -- LATE.


I have never been in front of the pc for nearly 20 hours... 10 hours in school (about 7am-4pm, but sometimes until 5pm), and then the remaining hours at home... Err.. I have to do this because of an inter-school competition next week. I have been excused from our class for days, and I just stayed in our school's computer laboratory -- training.

I'm feeling some pressure because the contest is coming nearer and nearer. Just then, my coach in chess suddenly told me that our inter-school chess tournament is also next week (adding some more pressure). Gee, I haven't practiced chess for months... Both the contest in computer and chess tournament are on next week. I still need more time to train and practice... What the hell am I going to do? How the hell am I supposed to condition my mind in just a few days? ...*sigh*

Exhausting Day

*Sigh*.... Yesterday was so damn tiring. I left the house at 10 am, and went back home at about 8:30 pm. We went to my classmate's house for two reasons: (1) To have our Research display board and (2) To make our project in Physics.

In the morning, we were supposed to have our research. Two groups shall share on one display board. In our section, group five and six shall share on one. Unfortunately, everyone was there except one, who happens to be the headmaster of group five. Me being the headmaster of group six, just took over them, alone... Damn, they are so hard to deal with. Instead of listening, everyone was so damn lazy that they kept on making excuses about our project. When I got pissed off, that was the only time when they payed attention and started getting serious...

After a few hours, eight of us was supposed to make our project in Physics. Unfortunately, three self-centered b*****s secretly sneaked out and left our group -- leaving the five of us in making the project. I made all the circuits while the other two were making the designs and stuff. Guess what? The other one was just all day infront of the pc, having friendster and chatting with people; while the other one was using the other pc but somehow provides the materials we needed. We started our project at about 1pm... in the evening, we ran out of electrical tape, so we asked computer guy to buy some... then when he went back, we ran out of glue gun and some stuff. Then again, we asked our group leader and chat person, to buy more stuff...

Ehem... Ehem...

By 8pm, we were not yet fully done but we "have" to go home already... so we just extended a few more minutes and then planned to finish everything in school.

Damn, I must say... we would've finished earlier if there were more than 3 of us working on the project.

The Mess We've Made

Justerini & Brooks

This morning, in school; we were supposed to have our wine making activity. I was supposed to bring empty wine bottles. So last night, I asked my dad to give me empty colored wine bottles. So he did, give me colored wine bottles; but he didn't notice that one of them wasn't empty. The bottle (...of Rare J&B Scotch Whisky) was still about one-fourth filled.

I went to school, then blah3x... During recess time, in order not to waste such a drink, "we" dared (?) to drink it. At first, there was me and the girl in front of my seat who tasted it. Err... we didn't take much. Then there was a boy behind me, he asked for some so I gave him. He drank much then I asked him to stop. Afterwards, I asked one of my girlfriends if she would want some. So she did, tried some. After drinking, she just said, "Blahk!" Then after a few moments, I asked one of my girlfriends who drink occasionally, to have some. Thinking that it was just wine, she drank "a lot" that she almost emptied the bottle. By the time she was finished, that's the time that she realized that it wasn't "just wine." Having a late reaction, She shouted, "Shet Aspuria! Anlakas ng tama!" "(Shit Aspuria! That's strong stuff!)" LOL... Still, after she said those words, I asked her, "So, how was it?" She just replied with a smile and a thumbs up. :)

Before starting our activity, I noticed that there were still a few more left in the bottle. So I just gave the bottle to one of my classmates and he drank it all up.

Activity in Microbiology: Wine Making (Photos) :)

Extracting "Stuff" from Mangoes...

Heating (but not boiling) the Extracted Juice from the Mangoes w/ Brown Sugar

Sterilizing the Wine Bottles with the Use of an Autoclave

Adding of Yeast (*Other Group's Bottle since Ours was Colored)

The Worst Part (Mango Stuff on my Sleeves)

Well I must say, I had fun making wine... I just didn't like the part wherein I had mango on my sleeves -- since I just wore an apron (The Lab. gown was hot to wear...)

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