Leviathan's Daughter

Darkened eyes, eyebrows meet.
The young girl stares, mad.
Her fist, clenched.Teeth, grinding.
Blood dripping with the taste of envy
Leviathan sat beside her
Misanthrope enveloped her
She sought comfort amongst the dark ones
She found home.

Save her! Save her!
Flames in her eyes, dreadful.
Seek the inside, misery.
She is in need of rescue
Only to be saved by virtue
Sublimation. Denial. Supression.
Leviathan's Daughter has no escape
Screaming, this is not my fate!

This girl was once Jhudiel's
Forgotten, she became Leviathan's.
Ignorance. Neglect. Misjudgement
Forgiveness is no more of an option
The wrong path towards salvation
Mislead by the precious illusion
Nothing more but a demon.
Death has come, to seek the Phantasm

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