Gray Retro - PPT Template

The Gray Retro PowerPoint Template has been used by my Philo 104 group in our ppt presentation in school. Uploaded here to share to you guys. This template is subject to copyright. You could use it in your school reports. However, the credits should remain intact on the slides.

Here is a low-quality preview of the powerpoint template.

For quick use: On design templates, browse for more templates and then select this file.
For further use: Save the file to My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Microsoft Office > Templates

Disclaimer: Brushes used in creating the background template was made by another artist.

DM-Case Presentation

Last May 7 was our case presentation in our health assessment lecture. Apparently, it's not that easy to prepare for a case pres when the data from the patient was only given to you a night prior the defense day. O.o

And so okay, we had no choice but to finish everything overnight. 

Last May 6, I got to school at around 6am. We were dismissed at around 5:30pm at that time. I allowed my group mates to go home for a while because they had to get some clothes in preparation for the overnight. Marybeth and me stayed in school because we had to wait for the client's results. We had some discussion with our prof and was able to get home by 8pm. I had a small argument with my boyfriend because of that. I made him wait for about 3 hours and I got into a bad mood.

After eating dinner, we had to start working on things. Really had to cram... and so, we were not able to sleep. I allowed some of my group mates to nap but the maximum sleep that they got was only for about 20 mins. 

By May 7, we arrived in school at 4:45am. While waiting, we slept at our lounge and woke up at 6am. Some groups were late in class because they were not yet done with their presentation.

By lunch time, some of my classmates slept at the lounge including me. By 1:30pm, it was supposed to be our Philosophy. I went upstairs and was surprised to see my classmates asleep. Obviously, they were all sleep deprived.

We had our turn for the case pres at about 5pm and it ended at around 8pm. Then we had to edit some nursing care plans and pass it to our prof before going home. 

I had a very toxic week because of this. A lot of things happened but I only showed my week's highlight. XD

PICS!!! ^^,

Laptops + Coffee = Toxic Work

Me -- Sleep Deprived. Look! Eyebags! ...and I'm wearing my high school shirt. haha

Faye and Marybeth

Still working. This was around 3:45 am. Faye and Tricia taking their nap.

My baon for school.

Breakfast made by my groupmate. Pancit canton with eggs. O.o this was the first time I ate something like this. hehe

More breakfast

Sleep deprived classmates. They didn't know that I was taking pics. hehe. This was the engineering students' room. But since it's summer, nursing students dominate! Haha

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