Bonifacio Day ?

In celebration of Bonifacio Day (Andres Bonifacio -- a Filipino hero), some people exploit the holiday to have such rallies..

On the way to Quiapo Church, I just found people having a rally ('coz they don't want Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to be the President anymore..) in front of the Malacañang Palace (Philippines)

Of course, these people have their reasons, and these are too many to tell.

Roaming Around

My friends and I got bored in school. Since we were having the regional science fair, and there were no formal classes, we decided to roam around rainforest park -- our school's location.

Paskong Himig Elimination Round

Woah... I never thought that this day would be fun. We were at the Paskong Himig blah3x at the Convention Center to perform a dance.. Oh well, a lot of things happened but to sum everything up, I'd say it was really fun.

Here are some pictures I captured a while ago:

Breakfast with friends -- In school

Watching Unang Hirit in the Physics Laboratory



I haven't fixed my hair at the sides yet...

Some Pictures with my Friends at the Convention Center

Huhu... contestants number 2 and 24 at the solo category; I want your clothes! hehehe

Bad Mom

There was a gay in front of me.. quite, disturbing.. hehe...


Your Gothic girl became Goldilocks at the end of the day... LOL


We really did a lot of things today... But I only have some pictures... hmmm.. btw, I feel lazy to type the stuff that happened. That's why...

Robots Take Over Marikina -- A Review

Hmm.. Marikina City is just near from my place. I might want to go there and check it out but I have no time... I'm always busy. *Sigh*


Here's the article:

Robots take over Marikina, but only for Christmas

By Kristine L. Alave
Last updated 10:02pm (Mla time) 11/17/2007

MANILA, Philippines--ROBOTS HAVE INVADED Marikina City.

But residents need not be alarmed because the silver-gray steel figures which can be found in the streets and in public parks are not out to take over the city.

Instead, they are there to spread Christmas cheer and to remind Marikina denizens of how far the city has come in the past years.

Every year, the city government comes up with a theme for the holiday decorations it puts up all over the city.

This year’s theme is “Transformers,” based on the movie of the same title about a gang of robots.

Weird-looking, multi-limbed creatures are not exactly a traditional décor for the holidays but Ronald Ramido of the Marikina public information office said the theme is of particular significance to the city.

According to Ramido, the activity is a tribute to the local officials—past and present—who helped transform Marikina into what it is today, a competitive city from a once backyard municipality.

Among these officials are the incumbent Mayor Marides Fernando, her husband, former mayor and now Metropolitan Manila Development Chair Bayani Fernando and Vice Mayor Marion Andres.

So far, the robots have been a hit among residents. In front of the city hall where several are on display, parents take photos of their children with the robots in the background. Some of the kids gleefully run around the “creatures.”

Nestor Nierva, the officer in charge of the city’s steel fabrication department which was in charge of building the robots, said some of their creations were patterned after those in popular television shows, although most of the pieces were designed by the welders themselves.

“At first, I would scrutinize their work. But later on, the workers became very good at it,” he said. “The welding hurts the eyes, but it’s worth it because we get to use our imagination, to be creative,” he added.

The official said they got their ideas from anime shows like “Gundam” and “Voltes V.” The Gundam-inspired robot, he said, was one of the biggest and popular pieces they made.

Dave David, an employee at the warehouse, said they also visited art websites on the Internet to get an idea of how to construct sculptural pieces from scrap metal.

While other cities shelled out money for fancy decorations and expensive Tivoli lights to adorn their streets and public spaces, Marikina City decided to recycle some of its resources in line with its image as an environment-friendly city.

Before the project started, the city government’s automotive warehouse in Barangay Sto. Niño was bursting with rusty scraps and defective metal parts from machines and vehicles, David said.

Since the workers at the engineering department started to assemble the robots last month, the floor-to-ceiling racks in the warehouse which used to be full of scrap metal have been almost cleaned out, he added.

According to Nierva, they were told to make about 100 steel robots for the Christmas festival. But since the metal parts have almost run out, he said they might end up with just 50.

The robots vary in size and shape. The tallest they have made so far is 10 feet while the smallest is only a foot tall. Almost all of their creations are made from discarded metal and plastic parts which are later painted in metallic gray.

The “Carabot” robot, a futuristic carabao installed on a dais in front of the city hall, was made from discarded car and motorcycle parts. It signifies the hardworking and diligent character of Marikina City residents, the PIO said.

Another popular piece has Spiderman for its inspiration: An android hanging from a web in a tree. Another “creature” still being assembled in the warehouse has curved metal tubes for limbs and a metal ball for its head.

After the holidays, the robots will be collected and transferred to the city parks and greenbelts for the public’s enjoyment, Nierva said.

Apart from the nontraditional Christmas décor, the city government of Marikina is also celebrating the season by opening a tiangge (flea market).

According to the PIO, the city is hosting a market of 700 stalls next week that would be open from 4 p.m. until midnight to give residents a chance to shop for good buys during the holidays.

Source: The Philippine Daily Inquirer

Small Things Can Make a Big Difference

Regarding my last post, I also posted it in our Gothic Group (specifically, in Gotik Wave Treffen)... I never thought that the other Goths would pay attention to my posts.. and now, they are helping these poor people...


Here are some of the replies I got from different people:
>how sad Sad ... i've seen this in TV... they are from Africa right?...

very, very sad.....!

bless them...... Smile

> yea very sad...
i make my little brother see this pics bec. sometimes he kept on complaining bout food..
So, i think it made him feel guilty..

But if you will compare this to those rich people who only think about money and when you see their dinning table w/ a lots of food, damn,
now i think they suck big time..

> Okay i feel guilty abit, cus i sometimes do complain about food. These people have died due to severe starvation.. what have i done? T.T

>hOw sAd... Sad Sad Sad

>ohhhhh crap. Ive learned my lesson..not to complain and nag my mom about food.=_=

i just wanna close my eyes.. >.<
these pickus hurt me

> Sad to see how lack from certain necessities can affect someone so bad

Embarassed i feel really guilty not bcoz i'm always had a quarrel bout my food but i'm always had nice food n been treated nicely... Embarassed

~ Umm?Amusing in wat way??...well i used to complain about my food but now i lessen learning how to appreciate what u are given..

>they look like aliens..poor things...

Crying or Very Sad Crying or Very Sad Crying or Very Sad Crying or Very Sad

If only I can change the world... Sad

It gave me something to stare at(and think for)...amusing...somewhat reminds me of the animals we really are but we somehow forgot.

***Note that the replies here were not edited by me (just the font size and SOME of the colors -- to make them visible to my page).. these are the exact things that they uttered (w/c would include some of the typo errors -- of course, these typo errors are sometimes inevitable.) -Phantasm***

Just then, when I viewed our group discussion (forum)... I saw a new post that supported my former post:

thhis is related to phantasm's post..theres something we can do... i have read the newspaper this morning and theyve featured this site.....

its a vocabulary test at and each correct answers is equals to 10 grains of rice to the U>N..the sponsore are the one who will donate in each correct answers you make.... to help end the hunger around the world....

***Note that the replies here were not edited by me (just the font size and SOME of the colors -- to make them visible to my page).. these are the exact things that they uttered (w/c would include some of the typo errors -- of course, these typo errors are sometimes inevitable.) -Phantasm***


Wow, I could not believe that a single post would do such a thing... To those who have appreciated it, and cooperated in helping them, thank you so much!

I hope more people would help... =)


(Click image to see it in its actual size)

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Britain's Most Stupid Laws-- A Review

My classmate and I were reading a newspaper in school this morning as well as preparing for our debate on Monday. As we were reading, my classmate showed an article to me that seemed interesting (?). We even shared it to our adviser and our adviser reacted almost the same way as we did...

P.S. I really agree with the title. haha...

Die and you’ll be arrested! Britain’s most stupid laws
Agence France-Presse

LONDON -- Queen Elizabeth II’s speech before Parliament on Tuesday may have been routine but at least nobody got bored to death. That would have been against the law.

Dying in Parliament is an offense and is also by far the most absurd law in Britain, according to a survey of nearly 4,000 people by a television channel showing a legal drama series.

And although the lords were clad in their red and white ermine cloaks and ambassadors from around the world were garbed in colorful national costumes, at least nobody turned up in a suit of armor. That would have been illegal.

Other rules deemed utterly stupid included one that permits a pregnant woman to urinate in a policeman’s hat and murdering bow-and-arrow-carrying Scotsmen within the city walls of York in northern England.

A law stating that in Liverpool, only a clerk in a tropical fish store is allowed to be publicly topless, was also ridiculous, according to a poll of 3,931 people for UKTV Gold television.

Nearly half of those surveyed admitted to breaking the ban on eating mince pies on Christmas Day, which dates back to the 17th century and was originally designed to outlaw gluttony during the rule of the Puritan ruler Oliver Cromwell.

The “stupid” laws and other regulations were culled from published research into ancient legislation that has never been repealed although subsequent statutes have rendered them obsolete.

Respondents were given a short list and asked to vote. Voted the 10 most ridiculous British laws are:

1. It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament (27 percent).

2. It is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the British monarch upside-down (7 percent).

3. In Liverpool, it is illegal for a woman to be topless except as a clerk in a tropical fish store (6 percent).

4. Mince pies cannot be eaten on Christmas Day (5 percent).

5. In Scotland, if someone knocks on your door and requires the use of your toilet, you must let them enter (4 percent).

6. A pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants, including in a policeman’s helmet (4 percent).

7. The head of any dead whale found on the British coast automatically becomes the property of the king, and the tail of the queen (3.5 percent).

8. It is illegal to avoid telling the taxman anything you do not want him to know, but legal not to tell him information you do not mind him knowing (3 percent).

9. It is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament in a suit of armor (3 percent).

10. In the city of York, it is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient city walls, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow (2 percent).

Source: The Philippine Daily Inquirer


Time came and we couldn't grasp, but all had its turn to change its mind. It's hard making decisions upon things that's hard to decide on. It's hard to accept when things are unacceptable...
It's crucial and deadly, life is full of ironies and traps.

Hmmm...? What the hell am I saying anyway?

It's lunch break and I'm in the lab at school, I can't think of something very productive lately. My focus is drawn to something else. We really never know when things come then suddenly take away something from us, it's a rapist by surprise who takes virginity gone forever.
Worst it's a seed that grows to a very humongous tree of regrets and pain...

Damn... I can't really think of something good to tell, I can't stop my hands from typing such things...
I don't know if what I'm typing here is what I want to express...

I'm already happy by how things go their way, but there are still things we can't avoid, as my girlfriend always say, "inevitable."

I'm kinda tense or disturbed, my hands are cold, I'm shaking, I'm quite catching my breath, and my chest pounds hasty...

And now there's a huge bulldog beside me here in the lab, using a unit...


At this instance, I'm thinking how to overcome and prepare for the more "inevitable" that would likely bombard again...

Well, I'm distracted by the huge bulldog beside me. Sheesh, I can't think of what to type now...
And the bulldog is typing something on his blog, too... I wonder, I wonder...

I'm out of myself, no, well... uhmm...

I'll just continue next time when there's more time... Lunch break is over...


I'm done with some of my assignments and now I don't feel like doing some more.

*Sigh* I have been feeling so depressed since yesterday. I feel so lonely, so sad, so alone, so dumb, so stupid, so... pathetic. I despise myself right now...

In school, there is at least one subject wherein I would feel sleepy. But now, I didn't even felt bored nor sleepy in class. All I felt was... hmm... dunno. I felt so empty.

One of my classmates even noticed that I wasn't myself today. He asked me why do I look so sad and am I okay? I just answered, "I'm fine. I'm just bored." Today I forced myself to smile in front of everyone I knew in school and act like I am fine and happy. I did my best to try to laugh in class with my seatmate, to have fun with my friends, and to keep my feelings (sad) from my boyfriend (I'm sorry...).

I really feel so bad and I can't even type my reasons here. Though I know that deep inside me, I know the reason why I'm like this right now.

*Sigh* Now I'm here in my room, and still haven't spoken a word since I arrived home.

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