TTT Socie-T Post Christmas and Year-End Party

Our party was supposed to start at ten in the morning. But since it was TTT Time, we started late. The venue was at Paolo's House.

I'm feeling lazy to type the whole story right now. Good thing we have pictures.

Anyway, since it was also a reunion for us (because we are now in college and we are studying in different schools and living in different/farther places), we started with some chats, watched tv, took pics, and waited for the latecomers. hehe..

By lunch time, we called up some food chains for food delivery (McDonalds, Chowking, Greenwich). After eating, we drank The Bar Apple Vodka and some Carlo Rossi Grape Wine. Then we watched Paranormal Activity. The movie bored me so I fell asleep. I woke up at around 5:30pm and left them early to meet up with my boyfriend. We had to sort out some stuff.

I'm happy we had this. I missed them.


 Me: Camwhoring in front of the mirror

 Greenwich Spaghetti in the Middle

 Jessa (white), EJ (light blue), Angela (red), Pam (blue)

 Pam (in blue) and the boys

Antonio and Kevin


 Inuman Shots

The Girls

Freaky Photoshoot

TTT Socie-T + Bravo (not in picture: reneboy, kim and hazel)

Gothic Girl goes Camwhoring

Gothic Girl goes Camwhoring

I was.. bored.

There's a Zombie on Your Lawn

Kawaii!! XD

Self-Centeredness..and I'm missing my Tribemates

eople are self-centered. Many would agree to this. This pisses me off... kinda.

As far as everyone-who-knows-me is concerned, I am a busy person. A very busy person. Especially now that I am in college, I have less time for things which I used to do in high school. This includes my regular uploading of deviations on DeviantArt.

It's December 9 here in the Philippines, Wednesday. I've got loads of things to do for school tomorrow and some pending requests. Not to mention the oh-so-hard nursing care plan (which includes the nursing assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and evaluation). I have to prepare a set of photos to be passed this Saturday (this is for my team--for the slideshow of the dancers on nursing night); I have to remix a song for one of my 'friends' and make a t-shirt print for my boyfriend's dance team to be used in one of their competitions (this should be my priority--in spite of my belonging to a team which is one of their opponents). Technically, I am not into mixing music. I just learned how to do it last week and what I am really into is about photoshop.

It was late at night and I was busy preparing dinner for my family (I was cooking). Suddenly, there were people who went to my place and asked me in such a way that I could not f-ing refuse. They were asking me to remix a song for them because they will be using it for their aerobics competition. And guess what, they told me it's due tomorrow...and yeah, I should burn it, and the demand is a 5min total length.
1. These people did not tell me they were coming.
2. They are not my classmates, they were nursing students from another section, yet the same year level.
3. They did not give me a CD on where I could burn the final product.
4. They did not provide me the songs to edit.
5. I had to download the songs myself, from Limewire.
6. I had to think of where to cut and connect the songs.
7. I do not know their steps.
8. I could not estimate the lengths.
9. I could not find the songs on limewire; youtube is blocked.
10. I don't even know how to do aerobics music.

They stayed for a few minutes and then left. How I wish that they at least showed gratitude in some way (they could at least thank me or politely asked me to do it for them, or maybe apoligized for the disturbance).

I felt bad though I'm not mad. I needed an output at that time. Most of the requests are due tomorrow, soI talked to one of my close college friends and my boyfriend. My boyfriend tried to help me out but it's only me who could finish this (not to mention that he was feeling sick so I asked him to take a rest already) [Dude, I'm going to school tomorrow. I hope you'd be there. It's been two days of not seeing you, and about five days of not being with you because of the schedule.]--and he withdrew the t-shirt, telling me not to do it anymore to lessen my burden. My college friend on the otherhand (thanks for listening to me btw), she told me that sometimes, I just have to say no. I don't think that I have to elaborate on this, my close friends know me anyway.

Sigh.. it kinda worries me. I'm doing the music of the other section and yet our own section doesn't have any yet. But then again, judging by the trivia I gave you, the outcome would probably suck. Totally suck. I just tried to learn how to do this music-mixing thing for our hiphop dance which is due soon.

My eyes are getting teary right now (hope I don't cry). I'm getting overstressed and I'm still not yet done with these things, I also have to study. I'm missing my tribemates. I could remember the times that I had to stay up late and do stuff (especially when we make websites in our computer subject, and the thesis!). I remembered when Avogadro had our recording of our album in Filipino and me and Paolo stayed up late; I had to photoshop the album pages and lyrics then e-mail it to him and print it. Then the times I did Ayra's sister's projects in computer which also includes some of my tribemates' *ehem*. And the times I helped out Jenn in her pageant, the times I tried to helped in Maan's SciFashionista costume. Then I remembered Jessa, most especially. She often asks for an apology in every slight disturbance she makes on other people. Everytime my friends asks for a favor on one of us, they are so polite and they are sensitive. Not to mention that they are very supportive even though we got separated on our fourth year in school and most often became opponents. God, I miss them! This actually depresses me right now.

It's midnight. December 10 already. I guess I won't be sleeping for tonight.

I thank my friends, TTT Socie-T and my nursing friends for being different from insensitive people.

and to my tribemates,

I really miss you.


The Christmas Feel

It's Saturday evening. I just got home. I went home with my girlfriends, just us. Boyfriends were busy practicing for their capping and pinning (nursing) so we went home without them. On our way home, we pass by the plaza, in front of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. A while ago, there was a dirty ice cream being sold there. We bought some, and it was actually delicious. Cheese and cookie flavors were the ones available. There were real cheese bits and choco bits. ..and it only costs ten pesos. Cool! Christmas lights were around town, fireworks every night, bands playing, music by the plaza. The feel was actually nice, and I could sense Christmas coming near. I'm enjoying the Filipino culture. =)

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