Amazed by the Blind Man

It was around eight in the evening last night. My boyfriend and I were riding a jeepney on our way home. We were seated at the end/back part of the jeep. Then there was this old, blind man who stood at the end of the jeepney. It was obvious that he was blind because he had no shades on, and his eyes were all white. Being a med student, or even an ordinary person would be able to determine if he really was.

"Marikina po ba ito? (Is this heading for Marikina city?)" The man asked.
"Hindi po. Hanggang Ligaya lang po ito. (No, this is only up to Ligaya)" The woman in front of us said.
 "Ah, ayos lang po. (Oh, it's okay)" The man said.

He rode the jeep, and knew where he could sit. Then he took his walking stick, and folded it. Held his bag, and placed his stick there. He took his wallet from his pocket and tried to feel the zipper. Then, he took some money from his wallet, and then asked the person beside him. "Excuse me po, maaari nyo po bang sabihin sa akin kung magkano ito? (Excuse me, may I know how much am I holding?)" The old man said. The lady apparently told him that it was worth twenty pesos. The man then payed his fare and asked the driver to drop him by Magsaysay. "Manong bayad po. Isa pong Magsaysay, paki baba nalang po ako sa Magsaysay." Afterwards, the driver gave him his change. The woman beside her said that he got fourteen pesos for his change. The old man grasped the coins to determine how much he had. He placed the coins in his wallet, and then he kept it.

Nothing much to share you might say. But I was amazed by him. Even my boyfriend. He was blind, yes. But it did no hinder him from doing such things. It is also an amazement to me because he was independent. He did not have anyone to follow him and guide him wherever he goes. Though he is not fully independent, because he still had to rely on some people around him, it was still wonderful.

Yet another Thursday (1st year-second semester)

Thursday--the most boring day for most students in (insert my section here). Our biochemistry is from 10:30am up to 8pm. Total brain and glucose drain. 

This day was quite unique from the other Thursdays that we had during this semester. It's the 21st and Mearl's birthday is on the 22nd. 

In the morning, we had our usual classes. Took up English at 7:30am. Not to mention that it was the first time I got late in my first subject. haha.! Then we had our experiment in Biochemistry. 

We planned to fake out our usual routine wherein Charlene and Marybeth would go home first, followed by the others, etc. Upon making Mearl leave, we made a video log for her at McDonalds. 

I've got nothing much to say.

Early morning make-up

Wine Stuff

A little camwhoring

Freaky Mealtime at McDonalds.

(More pics in my facebook account. XD)


Update: Mearl Cried upon watching the video the next day.

Sensory Overload-Midterms


oh my goth! midterm days!! I’d probably be awake for the next 67 hours (but of course, I’ll take naps) grrrr…

Bomb Threat in School Day! XD

This morning, I had to go to school as early as seven. When our first subject started, our professor seemed to have been called in a meeting. Afterwards, we have all been asked to leave the school premises. The guards told us that there has been a bomb threat in our school. Some cops and dogs arrived, and then they cleared the school.

Since we've got time, my friends and I went to Market! Market! and to Bonifacio High Street to have some fun. We played at timezone, ate lunch, and then stayed at Fully Booked for a few hours. Afterwards, we continued to roam around Bonifacio High, and by the time we got tired, we sat by Seattles Best and had some conversation regarding our friends: what we like about each other, personal stories to share, and made some video logs dedicated to our boyfriend. Hope it didn't look like a last will and testament video...hehe.

A lot of things actually happened. I'd love to share in full details but I just summed it up for some privacy regarding me and my friends. ;)

...i'll update this post with the pics when i have time.

My New Year

My new year celebration with my family was fine and fun. We were just at home yet we were partying with our neighbors. By 12am of January 1, the electricity was out. I think it happened in our whole barangay; then we all went out--it was silent and you could smell the fireworks' smoke everywhere. So we watched the fireworks and celebrated. After enjoying the fireworks, we all ate. We had a lot of food this new year, lights are still out btw. We ate with the help of our emergency light and finger lights. Then me and my sister turned on my laptop (good thing it was fully charged but the wi fi was down along with the electricity) and danced with the video of caramell dansen. Afterwards, our parents joined us, so our whole family was dancing. Then we played with the finger lights and took pictures. Before sleeping, we had some puppet show with my Jack Skellington. XD

Caramell Dansen Video:


Happy Face -- me and my sister playing with lights

Me with Finger Lights

Wacky shot of me with lights. XD

By morning, well, noontime; my family went to our grandfather's house and continued our new year celebration. We watched dvds with my cousins and aunts and uncles. My uncle from abroad also called us up. It's been a long while when we last talked because I'm often not there whenever he calls, so I had a fun time talking to him on the phone in spite of the short conversations. (Blame the charges for long distance calls.!!)

And for the bad news on my new year, Kuya Mark's girlfriend deleted my finals project in biochemistry (it was a photo of a child with six fingers). So sad.., now I don't know where to get a new one. It's kinda embarrassing if I would go back to the mother of that child because it took quite a while before we got to convince her..  

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