Blue Vector Floral - PPT Template

The Blue Vector Floral PowerPoint Template has been used by my CHN group in our first defense in school. Uploaded here to share to you guys. This template is subject to copyright. You could use it in your school reports. However, the credits should remain intact on the slides.

Here is a low-quality preview of the powerpoint template.

For quick use: On design templates, browse for more templates and then select this file.
For further use: Save the file to My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Microsoft Office > Templates

Disclaimer: Brushes used in creating the background template was made by another artist.

A Step Closer to being a Nurse

Done with our capping and pinning last month. On with our hospital duties. Just got my post-capping photo... with a nurse's cap on me >.< It still has it's cover on...and yeah, sorry for my tilting the frame. I had to do it because my laptop's light reflects on the glass of the frame (and the plastic cover). I have no comment about the photo. I hated the photographer during the shoot.

My First Hospital Duty

Today was my first duty at the hospital with a 6am-2pm shift. In the morning, I met up with my group mates at 5am, along with my boyfriend. When we arrived at the hospital, we waited at the waiting area until our clinical instructor arrived. When our instructor arrived, she allowed us to have breakfast first at the hospital canteen and then after eating, we had a tour in the entire hospital. My group was assigned to the delivery room (while my boyfriend was at the medicine ward since he is of a higher year), which includes the labor room and the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or commonly, called the nursery. We did task like the usual nurse do. Check vital signs, assist, do newborn care, suctioning, help in the electrocardiogram, etc. Since it was our first duty, we were not yet allowed to assist in deliveries but we were allowed to observe during those times. It was a little toxic since we had to monitor vital signs every hour and those who were in labor were in such pain that they always need nurses badly. At free times, we were allowed to rest as well as take photos, which are of course, only for our seeing. It went well like that for the whole shift. I had fun on my first day, although I wished that we had more normal spontaneous delivery cases. J

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