Early in the morning, I woke up. Prepared the things I needed, ate food, then I went back to sleep. By the time I woke up, I was almost late for our meeting. I had to hurry on my way. I dropped by McDonalds to check out my boyfriend who was buying about thirty-seven burgers there for the team. Afterwards, we went to school and I met up with my classmates and friends there. Also had some camwhoring by the garden for a while.

 F.E.T.C.H. Me, Bianx, Chen, Kye, Beth, Mearl

After camwhoring, talking, lunch, etc. We went on our way to Makati City. First ride was on a jeepney to Pineda, Pasig.

While waiting for a ride
By the time we got to Pineda, we rode a tricycle. It was our first time to get there. My friends enjoyed the ride because it felt like we were riding a roller coaster to them. LOL. The road was filled with ups and downs and our speed was really high. Fun!!! 

We were dropped by the place they call "Bangkaan sa Tres" and there, we took a boat, crossing the river. It was a shortcut to get to Makati City.

Alongside of Pineda, by the river

Pre-Boat Ride

Boat Ride
When we arrived there, we asked a few people to help us out with the place. There were UMAK students who guided us. The awkward part, they took our number. LOL.When we got there, we took pics, watched stuff, and went home late. Going home late was also a long story since we didn't know how to get home from UMAK; I feel lazy to type it right now. :P

Class Photo
Class Pic. XD

Cute Bags

Me and Mearl

Alecsz, Bern, Sunny, Me

Me, Kath, Cedric

Cedric, Aljess, Sunny, Balks

Me and Ced


FETCH girls

Caramelldansen. XD


Cedric Belongs


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Thursdays. Second Semester Thursdays. Loathe It.

Me with a can of Latte

Thursday.  The day when we spend NINE F-ing hours of Biochemistry in school. Biochemistry is actually fun. Yeah, it is, indeed a very interesting subject. Laboratory experiments are always common. But in our class, I could say that 90% of us hates it. Why? Try attending this subject from 10 in the morning until 8 in the evening. Then do some kind of lab experiment that takes around 8 hours to finish. Not to mention an oh-so-demanding-(insert obvious noun here) where you have to write experiment papers that should look like you are doing an investigatory project. Yes, INVESTIGATORY PROJECT. 

I started opening my laptop at around 10:30am. It was already near 8pm when I turned it off. I was able to type ten pages of it and yet, we were still not yet done with it. At the first few meetings and experiments that we do, we start our with the experiment and then write the paper; but then we tend to lack time. Being the leader, I make my groupmates do the experiment as I type the papers and discuss the results and stuff. Another reason of my doing the typing, is that they actually depend on me. I don't have to elaborate on this.

There are more damn things that have been happening in this forsaken subject but I won't be blogging about it for now since I have been very busy recently. Seriously. You'd curse with me.

Boredom and Some Shots for the lab set-up
...I have no idea why my webcam shots became over-exposed...errr., probably cause of the sunlight reflections since we were near the top floor...

 Mariel, Me, Bianx, Kye



Stressed with the paper


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