Seniors Protest Day 3

Since I was at the solar boat race, I was just relying on the text messages sent to me by most people. They said that last night, they had a conference and they planned to persuade the parents.

And so, parents came to school.. blah3x. They, together with the teachers had a meeting with the guy. As far as I was informed, the seniors were depived to go near the meeting. The meeting ended up with the guy saying sorry and stuff. As for now, I don't know the next things that are happening and are going to happen.

Mini Solar Boat - The Race

And so, we went there.. and lost. No worries. I had fun not to mention that... haha!! secret!! The boat race sucked anyway. There was a school who even cheated. They won the first round of the race so fast that everyone doubted the results. Why? It was cloudy at that time and the other boats were not working. Not to mention that the solar panels of the winning school was placed upside down (not facing the sun--it was facing towards the ground). The committee inspected the boat, and they found out that there were hidden batteries in it. It was a chinese school.

The host was Don Bosco Technical College and the winners were also from DBTC. All the other school ended up with side comments that you guys would probably know already.

And oh yeah, us being the only girl group, the hosts from Don Bosco told us that eventhough we did not win, we were still the winner in their hearts. (Lakas mambola!!!) Then they were asking for our contact numbers. We did not give them.

Seniors Protest Day 2

As usual, because of the solar boat, I was not in school. I was at the pool. The seniors had a signature campaign wherein most seniors signed something against the person... I think. In the afternoon, when my team got back, the fourth year students were not at the second floor. The staff in school were telling us to go straight to the AVR. We went there and found the students and some teachers having a forum with the certain person.

The conference ended up when everyone walked out of the room because they were pissed off.


Mini Solar Boat - The Making 2

We stayed at the pool in our school and tested the solar panels as well as the boat.


Seniors Protest Day 1

After testing the panels in school, my team went back to our building. At that time, when we reached the second floor, there were seniors who were cursing and making noise. Let's just say that someone in our school, who is of high rank, cancelled something. After a few minutes, the news was heard at the other sections and the whole fourth year level went furious. Most sections made their section's chairs upside down and filled their blackboard with curses. The fourth year students planned to go on strike by not going to school the following days and by planning to make/do something.

By dismissal time, the students (4th year) did not go home right away. Most stayed at the school grounds. The student prefect was trying to make us leave the campus but he was not able to do so. The students were still furious. By that time, the only thing that some school staff could do was to take videos of what we were doing and what we did.

The thing that happened made the students furious but that does not mean that the seniors got mad just because of one incident. It was just something that triggered the "hatred" that the seniors were keeping inside their hearts.

After leaving the quadrangle, the seniors had a meeting at the ampitheatre. The meeting was not finished well but the meeting continued at the conference in yahoo! messenger.

The students ended up with a plan to go to school and talk to the principal about their complaints.


After leaving the ampitheathre, we went to Nikki's house to cool down. We ate there, played darts, etc.. When I got there, her room changed. Everything was in pink!! Outside, you'll see a pink door with hello kitty on it. When you enter, you will see things in pink! Normal girls would probably like it. As for me, I love black!!!


Mini Solar Boat - The Making

After the exams in school, we went to Kim's house to make our mini solar boat (for the solar boat race on January 30). In the mechanics of the boat race, we are required to have a boat made up of recycled materials (and they gave us a list of the materials that they only approve). When we arrived there, we did not start at once. We first bought Cali in can and of course, use the can for the boat after we drink the content. We were instructed not to open the can with its opener at its top part because it will bore a huge hole and if that happens, we will have a hard time covering the hole since we have to use the can for the boat. We tried to bore a small hole at its side with a knife. Of course, doing that, the Cali squirted out of the can.. and of course, I got too wet (and I was not wearing an apron at that time.. yet.). Still, I had fun. Afterwards, we transferred the liquid to glasses. While waiting for the Cali to be all transferred up, we bought pizza (my favorite!!). After eating and drinking up the Cali, we started doing business. Kim's dad helped us a lot with our boat. He gave us instructions regarding the voltmeter, buoyancy, circuits, and stuff. It took us some time to finish the boat and we are planning to finish making the circuit this week.


Third Periodical Examination

At last, the third periodical examination is over. The four straight days of studying and memorizing for something which is about twenty-five percent of my grade has come to an end. The pressure in me lightened up a bit although there are still more things to finish and more things to come. There were some subjects which are easy, and most, hard. Some are even nerve wrecking (not to mention time pressure). A good example of a #@$% exam is our Chemistry test. It was so damn hard that most of us failed. (Fourth year students admit it). During periodical exams, we are allowed to do things that may relax us. This includes eating (which I doubt that it is being allowed during chapter tests), listening to music, sleeping, etc. Our class, ...we had tons of watermelon and squash seeds--resulting to a messy room yet relieved (quite) students. Our adviser told us that we should be eating peanuts, but we did not have them.


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