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Some of the photos from my posts already got corrupted while some are still intact.
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Does it always have to be like this? Every time you see a fragment of the past, you turn that way. For some reason, I know that I should understand you. But why does it have to happen over and over again? It pains me so much. I really am breaking down. 

I must reconsider... I must reconsider... I must reconsider.

I give up. 

The Wife

Last December 26, 2010. It was my friends' birthday (Hazel and Jessa). In the morning, we went to Church with Hazel, had our afternoon service and acquianted ourselves with her churchmates. ^_^ during that day, they were also celebrating their year-end thanksgiving Sunday.

After attending Hazel's birthday, we went to Jessa's crib to celebrate as well. There, we played bluff, ate, took pics, played videoke, and of course, had a great time with each other. That night was special for every one of us because my tribemates (hs friends), only tend to be complete and together during Christmas vacation. We missed each other a lot >.<

Hazel and Jessa's Dual-Birthday

It was a really tiring day for me. In the morning, I had to attend a baptism. I was one of the godparents. Then I visited my lolo's house for our family reunion. Afterwhich we went to different houses as our usual Christmas visit tradition. Then I went out on a roadtrip with some of my cousins and our lolo. We went to different places: Taguig, Serendra-The Fort, Makati-Rockwell-Ayala, Cubao, then back again to Pasig City. ^_^


with my inaanak

make-up in the car

with my lolo

roadtrip fun - shot at a gasoline station


Christmas Day

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