Jessa's Birthday

A day after Christmas, and it's Jessa's birthday! After being friends with her for almost four years, we were finally invited and allowed by our parents to go to her house to party. We had fun but not as much fun as we would probably had if we were complete. Kim, Ayra, Angela, Paolo, Hazel (also her birthday), and some other members of TTT and B.A.Y.A.G. Co., were not around. After the get-together, EJ gave out free Baler tickets so we went to SM and watched the last full show. People present: Kevin, Ryan, EJ, Eugene, Kevin, Phantasm, Maan, Jessa, Jenn, Hannah People not around: many

Christmas 2008

I had fun this Christmas. In the morning, I was roaming around town to visit people and receive gifts. Haha!! Then in the evening, I went to the mall with my two cousins and my new boyfriend. We bought stuff and stayed late at Starbucks. On our way home (well, not home actually. just to some other place... hehe), it rained.. but the heck. It's not a hindrance for us to enjoy our Christmas.

Dark Sanctuary

We had our first youth meeting in our clan without any adults. We had discussed about our summer camp that will take place in summer (duh..) at Hala-Hala. Yay! ...after discussing the important stuff, we ended up drinking but not drunk.


After the drinking part, some of us went to the mall. We attended the toy convention.. of course, there were cosplayers (love them!) but I forgot to bring my camera. Good thing my cousin, Cynthia, brought hers and Migz also. I had fun

Christmas Party and Battle of the Bands @ PCSHS

I had fun. I got a lot of gifts. Haha.. I'm feeling bored to type.

Mr. and Ms. PCSHS 2008

TTT-Socie-T had a representative for the male and female. EJ and Jenn. Luckily, they both won first runner up. I was one of the anchors (also a proud TTT member).


Hannah, Me, Jenn, Ayra, Jessa, Maan, Hazel, Julie, Angela --end of pageant. around 12am


The Anchors.. me and paolo. I love my red gown. haha!!!

Paskotitap 2008

I enjoyed the Paskotitap 2008 held last December 14, 2008. The assembly was at Tiendesitas at around 5pm and ended in front of Pasig City Hall around midnight. We didn't win any award (huhu..) yet, I really enjoyed it because of the people. During stop overs, people would come to us and ask if they could take our pictures. Children, adults, teens, girls, and boys (jackpot! wohoo!!! hehe...) approached me and my friends (PCSHS paskotitap dancers). The smile seen on their faces made everything feel worth it.

I actually cosplayed an anime character from ______ (secret!); but some guys approached me. They thought I was a character from Ran Online. Haha... Well, I wasn't the only one who experienced that. Bade was called 'Bleach' instead of his character's name. Jenina was called C. Lee instead of Ten Ten. Alvin was called thin Naruto, Alex was called Kenshin instead of Inu Yasha (in spite of the white wig, the red attire probably made some adults confused), and many more.

I was home by 1pm. hehe...


Jenn's Talent

Ayra, Jenn, and Me, went to Kim's house to polish Jenn's talent and add up some more actions and steps. We spent a few hours there and afterwards we had some food tripping by putting different stuff on popcorn (yum! haha).

The effort given was worthwhile. Jenn won the Ms. Talent award.


Chaperon for a Day

I had to help my friend, Jenn, for her make-up (and also helped her in some other stuff) in her pictorial for the school pageant.


Clan Meeting

Last November 30, 2008, we had a clan meeting (Salonga side) at some place secret. I thought that it was another ordinary clan meeting wherein the kids do kid stuff, we (teenagers) do fun stuff (talk, sing, play music, drink, smoke(ehem..not all!), swim, take photos, etc), and the elders do adult boring stuff such as have a meeting about things we the teenagers do not care about.

Then the elders called us teens up. It started out with a simple attendance check until there came to a point wherein they told us that they are handing over the responsibility to us. Ugh.. next part is giving us girls the hard and boring responsibility such as handling documents, contacts, minutes of the meeting, etc. The adults told us that they'll just be our advisers this time and the clan stuff (meetings, reunions, etc.) is now handled and organized by us. Not to mention that we have to start our own fund.

Meeting started as if we, teens, are like serious adults and stuff... We had to appoint jobs to each other but we didn't have the votings yet 'coz the adults told us to create the different committees and officers on our next meetings. We just have to get to know each other well first.

Then when we get old, we get to pass it on to the next generation of our clan. Err...

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