Astronomy "Surprise" Quiz Bee

Our team had to compete today, February 17, 2008 at the Manila Science High School. Knowing that the quiz bee needed only two participants at that time, and being busy with the Solar Boat Race, I decided to be the alternate of the team--aside from the fact that I didn't have ample review.

Just then by this morning, when we arrived at the venue, we were told that they needed four participants. Uh oh... that means, I am included.. I was really surprised when my coach told me that I "have" to compete also. At that time, I almost panicked trying to memorize different terms/number/dates/space probes/etc.. I so damn hard... I think I only had thirty minutes to review.

The quiz bee was comprised of two parts, Individual elimination round (written exam), and the team finals (oral)... Several schools attended. That means less chance for someone who was not able to review... because of luck, I was happy that the questions in the test were all about stars and celestial bodies--my favorite topics in astronomy. Yay..!

And so, after the elimination round, we had to wait for the results... when the results was showed, Manila Science High School ranked first... while PCSHS was second.

The finals came, we almost got perfect scores in the easy and average rounds.. unfortunately, the difficult round was really hard, at it was worth a lot of points. [easy=1pt. ave=5pts. diff=10pts.] Because of this, some schools who were able to answer some questions were able to cope up...

...and thus..

we ended up at Third place.


looking at the bright side, one of our teammates was not able to review (haha...whoever that is), yet we still managed to have a place...

Photos: (more shall be placed here. after i get the pictures from ms. aiza)

Team plaque and individual medal

Treat of Mr. Dumapias -- Jollibee

Solar Boat Race

Yesterday, February 16, 2008, we competed for the Solar Boat Race held at Don Bosco Technical College, Mandaluyong City...

Three boats that our school made we qualified to join.. but then one was qualified up to the finals.

The place was really hot because we needed the sun's solar energy to make our boats work--but everything (every suffering under the sun) became worthwhile because our school made it as the 2nd placer in the race.

Being involved in such a thing was fun.. because of the experience, and we finally found a reason why we should love Physics.. Hehehe... this was actually my first time to join a competition related to Physics. because oftentimes, I compete with Astronomy-related stuff, Computer related things, and Chess tournaments.

Photos: (more to be uploaded soon)

Before the Race

We Needed the Motor of this Tamiya

At Our School's Pool -- Testing the Boats

At the Solar Boat Race

Me, Ms. Allen, Jessa

Me and Sir Roque

Disclaimer: The boat that won was made by some second year students (Team Bhah) yet well all competed as one team carrying one name, Pasig City Science High School...

Black Hearts

I'm giving my loved ones black hearts (with some touches of red) on Valentines Day..

A heart contains a poem(s) and the design is simple.. yet, it says that it's made by Phantasm Darkstar(me) just by looking at it.



January 2008 Photoshoot -- Edited

Here are some of the photos that I have edited after the shoot.. I got more but I have less time...



(See more/other/larger pics on my deviantart account)

January 2008 Photoshoot

We had a photoshoot after the periodical exams last January. As usual, I'm the photographer (make-up artist and the one who decides the attire also. hehe)... Wohoo..!

Being addicted to photography, I persuaded my friends to be my models... Last January was one of our official photoshoots (official because it was planned and it was really successful compared to the past photoshoots..). Again, (haha.. repetition.) I'M THE PHOTOGRAPHER. yay!

I don't know why, but I'm the kind of person who loves to take photos. That includes editing them... hehe

Some of the photos that I have captured:

Jennevie Luna

Kimberly Fenice

Pamela Sia

Behind the Scenes:

Me with My Models

...more on my deviantart account

Valentines Day Celebration

Third year students from our school got to celebrate Valentines Day because of our Literature class. English teachers have decided to make us write a poem for our friend, and a poem for our loved one. After that, we have to make a heart, write our poem there, and then display it along our corridors so that other students could see our work.

The hearts contain the poem that we made, the name of the person whom we are dedicating it to, and our name. Anonymous is not allowed.

Those hearts have to stay there until Valentines Day. On Valentines, we have to give our heart to the person..

Hearts Hanged Everywhere

A Heart that Says, "Wanted: Boyfriend"

A Heart dedicated to Me

Some hearts were posted on walls

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