Philippine Fashion Week

October 29, 2010. I was at SMX for the Philippine Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2011. :) I attended the fashion show for the Luxe Wear collection. I was also able to view the Folded & Hung collection. ^_^ Afterwards, we went to an open university party in Victory Malate, then spent some time at Line Up Bar in Sherwood's Place


Algor Mortis by Phantasm Darkstar

Darkness prevailed, the human wailed
My heart, yearning
Drowned into dysfunctional grieving
A silhouette of memories, dissolving

What's worth living is the reason for dying
The shadow consumed the soul
Algor mortis consumed the corpse
Yet the fire still burns

'Tis still a mystery
On why you came to me
And then suddenly, succumb
Just to leave me be

Bathed in cold blood, I yearn
You to come back for I have learned
His fearsome spell of eternal burden
In his words will never be broken

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