God of War Review

I just finished it last week on PSP. Hehehehehe... I started playing it last January but I did not have much time to play because of all the school work.

The game is not really that difficult although you must focus while playing and observe carefully your surroundings. I liked the story that the game developers came up with. It was very related to mythology and the game actually helped me in memorizing the gods. I would rate it four out of five stars. =)

LOL. God of War 3 is already out. I need to cope up.

Yummy Breakfast

I was outside our house this morning, hanging clothes under the sun.. when I noticed this cat inside our storage room. Eating. Yummy...


I'm sorry for the late upload. I just got a copy recently. I hope that I could also upload the SciAwit vid.

This video's quality has been lessened since I had to reduce it from 100MB to 14MB for easier upload and convert it from .avi format to .mpg

So this is what you call "fare." Isn't it?

I was on my way home with my friends after school when we noticed the fare matrix posted in front of us. It was a white bond paper entitled, FARE MATRIX 2009. It contained a table, of course, for the fare index, and signatures of authorities at the bottom part. ...Obviously, we read it.

It states that: Pursuant to Resolution No. 277 Series of 2008 Authorizing the Decrease of P1.00 as Tricycle Fare per passenger per trip in the City of Pasig, Approved by the City Council dated December 11, 2008.

If you would observe most tricycles that were in our place, drivers usually post the colored, laminated fare matrix which states that the City Council approved of the additional one-peso for the fare... but that was dated July 2008. Therefore, this one is most probably the latest (unless they released another one dated March 2009).

As students, we are aware of the twenty percent discount. (Which means if we do the calculations, ...7.50*.20 = 1.5Php. Subtracting the discount, we would get ...7.50 - 1.50 = 6Php). So we asked the driver how much are we supposed to pay. He replied, eight pesos. Then we asked about the matrix posted on his white old rusty trike. He did not say anything. We did not ask any further.

A peso and fifty centavos is nothing much for most of us (so okay, that includes me) but if we would observe the case, something is definitely... or should I say, definitely and obviously being disobeyed.

Poverty is felt in our country and some may say that this blog post of mine is kind of selfish. But we should also think about the others. Not just Mr. Ticycle Driver. Not all of us are well blessed. It is not just one person who suffers here but others too. Think about the old people, the seniors for example, most of them are retired and depend to those who work at their home. It would be a big help for the labor force who are finding a hard time budgeting their money. Think about the simple lie of not being fair to others. Definitely not good. Most people actually complain about the iniquitousness of most authorities but they themselves are actually corrupt themselves. Some people become furious when oil prices increase but the fare does not and then they say that they will not gain profit if fares do not increase. They call the oil hike and fair retainment unfair. But why is it when oil prices decrease, the fare does not fall back as well and most people do not react? Is it only unfair when oil prices increase and fare does not? What about when oil prices decrease but fare does not? Are the stikes and rallies that these people do are really justifiable? Think about it. Be aware. "Ignorance is not an excuse."

Siesta Time

March 16-18.

We had nothing much to do but graduation practice and rest during free time. We did nothing but practice, rest/sleep, wake-up and sing songs, sleep again, wake-up, practice, sleep, wake-up, go home.

Our chairs were set aside so we had a huge space for our class to sleep on and play. Most of us brought comforters, blankets, and the like. I took photos of my classmates lying on the floor while they are sleeping but I seemed to have lost it (ahhh!!!). Some photos survived.

Nicole Retreats.. WTF?

(March 17-18, 2009 Headline) Nicole, not her real name, of the subic rape case ate her words that Smith raped her. She thought that she might have had sex with him rather than being raped.

Most people were actually dismayed by this issue since most Filipinos fought for this case (even through rallies). This girl just got her credibility destroyed and may now be sued for false testimony. Seriously, this issue somehow destroys the relationship of the Philippines and the United States. Ugh... I do not actually know where to begin my reaction. *breathes* 3.. 2... 1... okay. Here goes..: WHAT-THE-HELL??? This girl gets attention nationwide/partially international for a long time and says that she has been raped. She hold on to it for months and then suddenly says that she was not actually sure of what happened to her. Ugh. She just totally lost her credibility after saying that. Not to mention that most got dismayed about the case. As for me, I've got options to think about (but do not really care much about her.. and I'm probably bored-but-not-feeling-lazy that's why I'm comprehending on things like this again.). First, she was raped but there came a threat. Behind the news being aired, she must have been threatened by something (e.g. have her family massacred if she continues) that's why she was forced to retreat. Second, she was raped but she has been offered with a very huge amount of money for her to shut up. Third, she knew she had sex but there might have been an unfulfilled "agreement" afterwards that's why she stated that she was raped. Fourth, she was actually drunk and was not really sure if she had sex or was raped--she overreacted at first and said she was raped and then came to realize that she might not have actually been. Fifth, she was not really raped but she was totally mad at Americans/she wanted to destroy Philippine-USA relationship so she made up something. Sixth, she was not raped yet she wanted attention--translation: she was crazy. Whatever the reason is, it's obvious that the credibility of Filipinas have been decreased--again.

Last High School Test

Last March 9-10, 12-13, 2009, I took my final periodical examination for my high school life (yay!)..

Day 1 (March 9): Research Periodical, Industrial Chemistry Periodical, Biology Periodical

I was bombarded with a lot of projects last March 6 (Friday) that were supposed to be passed on this day. I was not able to review/study. Sigh... We did not have any formal meeting/class discussion in Research and IC so we just have to study the topics given to us. I got an e-mail from my Research teacher telling us that the coverage of the exam would be from our third year lessons. (Ugh..) I had to rely on my stock knowlege. Errr.... While in my IC, I had to do shotgun method again (haha!). The Biology exam was fine.. I think.

In the afternoon, Ryan, EJ, Jenn, and I ate lunch at a food whatever-do-you-call that in stella. It was actually my first time to eat at a place like that. Hehe..

Day 2 (March 10): Physics Periodical, Computer Periodical, Chemistry Periodical, Research Oral Defense

I woke up at 2am to study for the test. Due to love for music, I was tempted to watch music videos on tv until 3am. I had two hours left to study which was definitely not enough. I scanned my Physics notebook and checked some notes I had in Computer. By 4am, after reading stuff from my notebook (which eventually did not have much lectures in them), I had to open my computer and read the 'photo-lectures' I have (since I just take pictures of our blackboard and then read them when I upload it). For Chemistry, I had to read my book and self-study (damn.. I fell asleep while reading).

In school, reviewing and memorizing terms Physics was not worth it since all the questions were situational. Most questions were not exaclty discussed in our class. Therefore the questions were hard to answer. I tried to answer the test by remembering what happened during the oral defense of my classmates as well as remembering the things that I encountered when I was competing on astronomy quiz bees. The computer test was hard (test III, specifically). We were even allowed to answer the exam with our notebooks and other lectures. It was an open-note periodical exam (weird..!). The Chemistry test was another one. There were only two parts. Part I was multiple choice composed of thirty items while Part II had five items problem solving (five points each). I had tons of guesses that I ended up answering all twenty-nine questions of Part I with the letter B while I had an answer which was not included in the choices (2.0 x 10E-4). I was not able to answer numbers two and four in Part II because I was not able to study thermochemistry. Err... (I lost ten points already.)

The oral defense in Research was... fun. Haha!!! Our title: Black Peppercorn (Piper nigrum) as Natural Muscle Pain Reliever.

On my way home, sophomore students Eunice and Aira sent me a farewell letter (since I am going to graduate already) thanking me and stuff. Thanks guys! I highly appreciate it.

March 11: No classes (National Achievement Test for Second Year Students)

I had to do more projects and get my mom to tutor me on Integral Calculus.

March 12: Math (Calculus) Periodical, Filipino Periodical, English Periodical

I was so damn busy last March 11 that I was not able to have my mom tutor me.I ended up finding calculus damn hard. Filipino was fine and English was damn easy. Not as bad as I expected it to be.

After the exams, me and my classmates went to Nikki's house to finish some group projects. I had fun time bonding with my classmates while making our project.

March 13: Social Studies (Econimics) Periodical, CAT Periodical

The Economics and CAT test was quite difficult but I think I will survive.

We were dismissed as early as ten in the morning. My classmates planned to have a party at Mimi's house while my friends also planned that we would all do our usual bonding time (wherein we spend time together after every exams). Of course, I decided to come with my friends. At first, we decided to eat at a place near Renz's (our friend who is already abroad) house, where our boys used to eat when Renz was still around, but the girls wanted to stay at my place afterwards to have a DVD marathon. The boys, on the other hand, had to do some band practice. Therefore we had some kind of conflict. In the end, we (the girls) decided to take out food from Jollibee before heading to my place and eat lunch and watch DVDs. After a movie, the boys, although not everyone in our barkada (just Eugene, Kevin, and Elvene), unexpectedly went to my place and watched DVDs as well.. but of course, when they arrived at my place (well, not just mine but everytime they arrive at somone's house), they were looking for food (although they just ate). I asked them why were they at my place when they were supposed to be having a band practice. They told me that they only practiced for an hour and decided to follow us at my place. Going back, luckily, we had some softdrinks left at the table. The boys then drank it all up.

My classmates were texting me and wondered why I was not able to come with them. They were singing with a karaoke and drinking (red horse.. I think). I told them that I was with my friends and they were at my place. They understood me anyway. (Well, at least my friends do not drink nor smoke. The worst habit that they have is staying up late surfing the net. Hehe.. such good friends I have. I love them. They were actually my classmates since first year high school. But for our fourth year, the school decided to dissolve the homosection so I ended up having new classmates in spite the fact that me and my friends chose the same elective.)

After a few moments, my boyfriend arrived (the guest whom I was actually expecting) at my home. He did not spend some time with my friends although they somehow knew each other already. After the last movie, my friends finally decided to leave and gave us some time for ourselves.

That's the end of my week. Nothing much to do by next week but to finish some of Jennevie and Maan's birthday wallpapers since I am already finished with Kimberly's graphics (view on http://phantasmdarkstar.deviantart.com).

Prom Weirdness

I was busy for the past few weeks so I had no time to blog about our prom. The prom this year turned out to be fun although last year's was definitely much much better.

I've got some snapshots here. Formal/proper pics can be found on my friendster account.

Oh my Goth!

In school, my expression is often 'oh my goth.' Just then, when I was surfing the net about goths, I found this one. Oh my goth I really love this!!! Thank you ~shattereddreamer04.

Oh My Goth by ~shattereddreamer04

I'm so goth, in preschool, the only crayon I used was black.

I'm so goth I dyed my belly button black.

I'm so goth my black is blacker than your black. I call it "black black."

I'm so goth, I don't say "black," I say "blahhwwwkkk."

I'm so goth, whenever I walk into a room, all the lights go out.

goth #1: I'm so goth the people in the grocery store have refused to sell me any cereal other than Count Chocula.

goth #2: I'm so goth people ask me to AUTOGRAPH boxes of Count Chocula.

I'm so goth people touch me and they BECOME goth. They say, "Oh no, now I'm goth!"

I'm so goth I wear sunglasses when I open the refrigerator.

I'm so goth I don't paint my nails black--I bash them with a hammer.

I'm so goth I died and didn't notice.

I'm so goth, whenever I knock on somebody's door they give me candy.

I'm so goth, I'm not only "goth," but also "gothe" "goff" "gawth"

"gauwth" "gothic" "gothik" "gothique" and "gawfickk" and soon I hope to

be "gauewthickueu."

I'm so goth, when I stop pouting, people ask, "What are YOU so happy about?"

I'm so goth, when I go outside, the sun sets.

goth #1: I'm so goth the smile muscles in my face have atrophied.

goth #2: I'm so goth the smile muscles in my face never GREW.

goth #3: What's a smile?

I'm so goth, when I was born, the doctor asked me, "What's with the shades?"

I'm so goth I say things like "eternally yours in darkness" and "love

and darkness" and "may the eternal darkness of the abyss enrapture and

enshroud you in its infernal sickly sweet embrace."

I'm so goth I don't use fabric softener, because I like pain.

I'm so goth I set off airport metal detectors from ten feet away with all my jewelry.

I'm so goth I'm the only REAL goth.

I'm so goth I smoke cloves in the shower.

goth #1: I'm so goth a little rain cloud follows me wherever I go and rains on me.

goth #2: I'm so goth I AM the rain cloud.

I'm so goth I'm more goth than anyone else.

goth #1: I'm so goth I got a tattoo of celtic knotwork starting at the

top of my head, winding all the way down my body, and trailing five

feet behind me on the floor.

goth #2: I'm so goth I AM a tattoo.

goth #3: I'm so goth I pierced all my tattoos.

I'm so goth it takes me an hour and a half to get dressed.

I'm so goth it takes me longer to get UNdressed.

I'm so goth I'm dead.

I'm so goth I think electrical tape is a fashion accessory.

I'm so goth, in preschool, all my drawings were titled, "DEATH."

I'm so goth, in high school, all my papers were titled, "DEATH."

I'm so goth I slather on spf 45 before I open the refrigerator.

I'm so goth I wore corsets in preschool.

goth #1: I'm so goth I wonder if my dog's collar would look better on me.

goth #2: I'm so goth I KNOW my dog's collar looks better on me.

goth #3: I'm so goth I stole my dog's collar.

I'm so goth, when I was born, I asked for a light for my clove.

I'm so goth I ate a Happy Meal . . . because I like to live dangerous.

I'm so goth little kids are mesmerized by my appearance.

I'm so goth parents leg their kids when they see them mesmerized by my appearance.

I'm so goth I've been banned.

I'm so goth nobody understands me, especially when I say, "the boom boom like shockalocka!!! . . . flibbaflobba!!!"

I'm so goth I don't take my medications, so I can be more goth.

I'm so goth, when I was born the doctor slapped me and I didn't cry.

I'm so goth I make flowers wilt.

I'm so goth I like them better that way.

I'm so goth I punched a care bear.

I'm so goth I think saying "oh my goth" is cute.

I'm so goth, when I smile people ask me what's wrong.

I'm so goth little old ladies in walkers cross the street to insult me.

I'm so goth I keep getting hit on by necrophiliacs!

I'm so goth I rooted for Gargamel.

I'm so goth I practice my blank stare in the mirror.

I'm so goth that when I moved into Mr. Roger's neighborhood, he moved away!

I'm so goth I have carpal tunnel syndrome from constantly putting the back of my hand to my forehead.

I'm so goth that whenever I walk into a room, you hear "Toccata and fugue in D minor."

I'm so goth I listen to The Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus simultaneously

at midnight in a graveyard sitting in a pentagram surrounded by candles

. . . and oh, there's a full moon . . . and then I die. And then I come

back to life. And then I die again . . . tragically.

I'm so goth I have actually seriously uttered the phrase, "the darkest dark of the dark darkness."

I'm so goth I tried to use Cheer . . . it cried.

goth #1: I'm so goth, when I'm sleeping people come and check my pulse.

goth #2: I'm so goth I don't have a pulse.

I'm so goth I know what pvc stands for.

I'm so goth the people at the suicide hotline have asked me to stop calling.

I'm so goth I'm catholic.

I'm so goth nuns and priests resent me because I look cooler in black than them.

I'm so goth tan lines are a sin.

I'm so goth I was adopted by the Addams family.

I'm so goth people keep asking me if I feel okay.

I'm so goth the dark is scared of ME.

I'm so goth I know how to spell Siouxsie & The Banshees correctly.

I'm so goth I . . . wear . . . my . . . sunnnnnglasses at night (sung with a Corey Hart pout).

I'm so goth I became a fisherman, just so I could use fishnets.

I'm so goth I want to die die die my hair black.

I'm so goth I'm on the second stage of aloof . . . I'm "bloof."

I'm so goth I sleep UNDER my bed.

I'm so goth, Robert Smith asked ME for my autograph.

I'm so goth I got a 12-pack of absinthe.

I'm so goth I don't eat gummy bears, I eat "glummy bears."

I'm so goth I spend every waking moment, every breath, in contemplation

of Goth. The totality of my being is at one with the essence of Goth.

I'm so goth I dot my i's with frowny faces.

I'm so goth I call a smile a "concave frown."

I'm so goth that when I was a toddler, I didn't cry over spilled milk, I MOURNED it.

I'm so goth my skin would catch on fire if it were ever exposed to sunlight.

I'm so goth I make Happy Meals cry.

I'm so goth I spend hours deciding what shade of black to wear.

My grandmother is so goth she uses gothballs.

I'm so goth I shower with bleach instead of soap.

I'm so goth I have a fishnet umbrella.

I'm so goth I always complain because my blacks don't match.

I'm so goth that bats hang little plastic me's from their ceiling.

I'm so goth that if I go out in the sunlight with bare skin showing,

people have to put on shades because of the reflection off my pale


I'm so goth I have to wear sunglasses and sunscreen to look on the bright side.

I'm so goth that lightning strikes whenever I count things. MUH-HA-HA-HA!

I'm so goth that in kindergarten I sang "woe, woe, woe your boat..."

I'm so goth I have crushed velvet lawn chairs.

I'm so goth I'm a flying buttress.

I'm so goth that colors fade away when I am nearby.

I'm so goth I only eat things that are burnt, because they're black.

I'm so goth, when I was little, I thought funeral processions were parades.

I'm so goth I make rainbows frown.

I'm so goth my clothes are made of dark matter.

I'm so goth I tried to be a hippie once and hugged a tree--and it died.

I'm so goth, when our teacher told us to write the declaration of independence, I wrote the declaration of sindependence.

I'm so goth I sleep with my hands crossed on my chest.

I'm so goth, crucifixes shudder when I walk by.

I'm so goth I don't laugh...I cackle.

I'm so goth, I don't buy black clothes; I put them on and they TURN black.

I'm so goth I eat Unlucky Charms.

I'm so goth that a new shade of white had to be created to describe my skin color.

I'm so goth I make people cry when they look at me.

goth #1: I'm so goth my eyes only see black and white.

goth #2: I'm so goth that if I opened my eyes the colours would kill me.

goth #3: I'm so goth I blinded myself so I could always see black.

I'm so goth one of my pick-up lines is: "I'd love to see what your insides look like."

goth #1: I'm so goth I only drink black coffee.

goth #2: I'm so goth I don't drink coffee, I drink goffee.

I'm so goth my dog barks, "Bauhaus Bauhaus."

I'm so goth my wrists slit themselves.

I'm so goth my car wears a fishnet bra.

I'm so goth when I go to sleep I wake up with a toe tag.

I'm so goth, when I smile people ask me, "What are you plotting?"

I'm so goth I scare myself.

goth #1: I'm so goth I changed my name to Mystryss Darque Wintyr Nyght Rayn Ravyn.

goth #2: I'm so goth I don't have a name. I'm just "goth."

I'm so goth all I do is sit around and talk about how goth I am.

I'm so goth I always use the word "goth" instead of "got."

I'm so goth every sentence I say has the word "goth" in it.

I'm so goth I'm the only person who understands what goth REALLY is, and I'm not telling you!

Astronomy Convention

I was at the astronomy convention last February. I get to meet the famous astronomer, Christopher Go, there. Err... I just love astronomy.

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