TTT Socie-T Tribute

My dear friends,

Another year has passed for us; yet our friendship still gets stronger. In spite of our differences, we still managed to be able to understand and love each other.

Me (haha! Narcissist!!!), the only goth in the group (harhar...), thank you:

(1) Ayra, the beauty queen ribbon and boots lover;

(2) Jenn, another beauty queen and corny joker (not to mention our pet duck);

(3) Hazel, our religious guitarist and future successful engineer/physicist;

(4) Pam, miss wet hands chemist/physicist; (5) Angela, our very creative artist having gifted hands;

(6) Jessa, our goddess, miss good at almost everything yet still humble and loving;

(7) Julie, blue-lover also into photography (like me! haha) funny and easy to fool friend;

(8) Maan, beautiful camera provider and very intelligent--not to mention that she grants me my wishes (like my personal fairy godmother. haha!);

(9) Hannah, sci-dama player also black lover friend who has high memory;

(10) Elvene, who still remembers and loves TTT in spite of his divided responsibilities between the tribe and his beautiful gf;

(11) Paolo, who has been a good(?) friend since first year and a very good debater (haha!!);

(12) Ryan, funny corny guy and tribemate--often followed by gays;

(13) Kevin, chubby genius funny friend;

(14) Majoy, who is still a loving friend though she and Monique aren't often with TTT

(15) Monique, loving friend, same comment as Majoy;

(16) and of course, Kim, my beloved friend who has been always there to tease me (haha!!!) but still makes me feel that she loves me and that she is my true friend (walang magseselos!! may utang pa sakin toh eh! Sarap lng lambingin!!! LOL..).. hehe...

(17) ...and to the members of B.A.Y.A.G. Co., (including Renz who is now at the States.. but excluding Domenic whom I have always hated).. . I thank you all for being a friend, though we had quarrels in the past, we still preserved a very good bonding and have always been very supportive to each other in spite of our different sections in school. I am very grateful that I have met you guys!

We only have a few months left before graduation but I hope that our friendship will always be the same or better yet.. stronger.

I love you all..!

Lots of love,

Phantasm Darkstar

TTT-Socie-T since 2007


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