TTT Socie-T Post Christmas and Year-End Party

Our party was supposed to start at ten in the morning. But since it was TTT Time, we started late. The venue was at Paolo's House.

I'm feeling lazy to type the whole story right now. Good thing we have pictures.

Anyway, since it was also a reunion for us (because we are now in college and we are studying in different schools and living in different/farther places), we started with some chats, watched tv, took pics, and waited for the latecomers. hehe..

By lunch time, we called up some food chains for food delivery (McDonalds, Chowking, Greenwich). After eating, we drank The Bar Apple Vodka and some Carlo Rossi Grape Wine. Then we watched Paranormal Activity. The movie bored me so I fell asleep. I woke up at around 5:30pm and left them early to meet up with my boyfriend. We had to sort out some stuff.

I'm happy we had this. I missed them.


 Me: Camwhoring in front of the mirror

 Greenwich Spaghetti in the Middle

 Jessa (white), EJ (light blue), Angela (red), Pam (blue)

 Pam (in blue) and the boys

Antonio and Kevin


 Inuman Shots

The Girls

Freaky Photoshoot

TTT Socie-T + Bravo (not in picture: reneboy, kim and hazel)

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