My day started at twelve midnight. So damn pissed for I could not find my Mossimo and Giorgio Armani stuff. In the morning, I woke up at around six because the freshmen students in our university are to attend the PISCUAA opening and game at around twelve noon at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City (Philippines). I went to school to meet up with my friends at around nine. Many, as expected, were late. It was not really a good start for us since no one wants to wait for someone in a long while.

Since it is hard to take a ride during rush hour, we had to take batches. I was in the first batch since I really wanted to leave as soon as possible. From school, we commuted to the train station. At the train station, we bought our cards and waited for them by the rail. Tons of trains have passed (three-minute intervals per train…I think) but the second batch have not arrived yet. When they arrived, it took us three batches of trains for us to be completed at the Taft Avenue Station. From the station, we took up two jeepneys towards the Astrodome.

Upon arriving there, we took our seats and watched whatever has been showing at the center: hip hop dance, ballroom dances, pathetic cheering of a certain school in Manila, etc. My PE101 classmate and I left our seats and looked for our PE teacher (damnit!!!). Unfortunately, we could not find him. Curses!

After the introduction of the players, we did not watch the basketball match anymore. We left the place and went to the Mall of Asia.

I bought a new solution for my contact lenses and then we ate our lunch at around two in the afternoon. As nursing students, we learned in our ANA110 that it is alright to feel hungry and not eat for a while but not feel thirsty and do not drink. Your body needs glucose (sugar) as a source of our energy. When we start to get low in glucose, we tend to feel hunger (which is not really felt by our stomach but our brain rather) so that when we eat, we get more glucose in our body and gain back our energy. If we do not eat, the feeling of hunger would eventually fade. The body, instead of getting sugar from food, it will get some stored glucose from our adipose tissues (fats) as a source of energy. Thirst, however, should be quenched at once to avoid dehydration of the body. (I hope my boyfriend read this portion very well because he just scolded me for this).

After eating, we walked around the mall, took pictures, went into shops and stuff. Late in the afternoon, I had to take drinks with sugar to keep me going.

We stayed by the bay and took photos. We also watched the sun set. By the shore, there were crabs and small creatures that were being chased by these crustaceans, probably as their food. I took one of these creatures and brought it near Mariel (on of my gay friends). Mariel was in terror and was screaming. I was so damn laughing. I also brought it near Kye and she came running away. After, I just threw the creature off to nowhere.

We took more photos, and went back home to Pasig in the evening. I had much glucose that I felt mentally active though my muscles were tired already. I was acting like wasted. When I got home, my popliteal area (back of knee) was aching and in spite of my tiredness, I could not fall asleep.

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