My Vacation Benefits…GOTH!!! It’s summer vacation again. Err.. most students (especially my high school batchmates) tend to feel sad during summer vacation in spite of its benefits. It’s understandable for my batch because we are now entering college which is a new chapter of our lives. We will miss our friends and classmates, and the things we used to do during our high school life.

As for me, I shall tackle the benefits of MY summer vacation. Ha-ha! I’m such a narcissist. Anyway, you might also find common benefits with me.

This summer vacation:

1. I can now put black nail polish without any student prefect or teacher telling me that it is improper.
2. I could wear all the clothes I want without being obliged to wear a uniform.
3. No assignments
4. No annoying teachers
5. No assignments that makes you stay up late
6. No projects to cram for
7. No irritating canteen lunch lady
8. No annoying classmate(s)
9. Very less chance of seeing people I hate (in school) again
10. No more seeing of ex-boyfriend(s) in school
11. No more people asking money from you
12. No more modules to pay for
13. No more extra works
14. No more notebooks!!! Fillers for college
15. No group projects
16. No group presentations
17. No more class contributions
18. No more hearing of privates trying to avoid CAT
19. No more bitches (not the group itself but actual bitches)
20. No more backstabbers
21. No more insecure people. Argh!! I hate you!!!!!!
22. No more posers! Ugh. Though I could still see some in other places
23. No more people to avoid
24. No more un-air-conditioned classroom
25. No more class competitions
26. No more weird high school culminating activities
27. No more demo teachers
28. No quiz bees to prepare for
29. No chess tournaments
30. No scolding teachers
31. No more waking up early in the morning
32. No more people asking to things from you because of their ignorance
33. No more weird Japanese stuff
34. I can stay up late as much as I want
35. I can stay for hours in front of the computer
36. I can go to different places as much as I want
37. No more huge bags
38. No thesis
39. No oral defense
40. No annoying critiques
41. No critiques to feed
42. No more inevitable life interviews from people I-barely-even-care about
43. I can text all day without the fear of my cellular phone getting confiscated
44. No more Jerome Rodenas! Haha
45. No more quizzes
46. No more exams
47. No more graduation practices
48. No more mass practices
49. No more dance practices
50. Less disappointments
51. No more nosebleeds
52. No more Quantum Physics!!!
53. No more Economics
54. No more Chemistry
55. No more Calculus
56. No more English
57. No more Filipino
58. No more MAPEH
59. No more CAT
60. No more Computer
61. No more Industrial Chemistry
62. No more Biology
63. No more entrance tests
64. No more debates
65. No more scrap booking
66. No more compulsory letter/dedication making
67. More free time on my schedule
68. No more classmates awkwardly staring at me every time I say the words, “Oh my Goth.”
69. and a few more things that I probably forgot to mention

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